BSN Amino-X + EAAs

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NEW innovation from BSN delivering an essential recovery experience!

Muscle protein synthesis is what everyone is after, and protein synthesis demands the essential amino acids that your body doesn’t produce on its own. Muscle protein synthesis is unlocked when you have all 9 essential amino acids. That’s why the PhD-accredited scientists on the BSN research team dialed up AMINOx® EAAs with an industrial strength 10 gram serving of ALL 9 EAAs, giving your muscles even more of what they need.* The result is a precision engineered formula for muscle protein synthesis, recovery and endurance*— all with zero caffeine, and zero sugar. Plus, the Sprint Fit team loves that AMINOx® EAAs is available in a variety of exciting flavors. When your goals are performance and recovery, go with AMINOx® EAAs.

9 Essential Amino Acids in a 1:1 ratio of BCAAs to other essential amino acids.

BSN Amino X + EAAs features:

  • 10g Essential Amino Acids per serving
  • Non-Caffeinated & Zero Sugar
  • 1:1 Ratio of BCAAs to other Essential Amino Acids
  • Delicious flavours